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My mission is to help people in getting the most out of their training efforts. 

Personal training

I take great joy in helping people from all walks of life make fitness a regular, fun part of their lives. It has such an impact on their work performance, family life, and overall happiness. It thrills me to see these changes happen. Better yet, it makes them look better naked, which is a nice bonus, right?

Whether you’re struggling with lower back pain, a past injury, chronic fatigue, or you just need that extra push to get the fitness ball rolling, I’m here to help.



Every scientific insight, be it the results of an experiment, or a discussion of past research, acts as a piece of a puzzle. The puzzle that has practical value for your journey to fitness success. However, I want to make sure this puzzle’s information is understandable and digestible.
In other words, I aim to bridge the gap between dull science and practical application. One of the ways I hope to achieve this is by using many visuals and infographics in my articles, because it’s such a powerful way to communicate science.


Why all these articles on women’s fitness?


There is a shift happening in research. This shift acknowledges that women are physiologically – especially hormonally – very different from men. Because of this, other principles apply to their training and nutrition. By uncovering these principles, I hope to help women achieve the best results possible.


I have a BSc degree in Kinesiology (Human Movement Sciences) and hold a NASM PT certificate. However, I don’t want to stress these too much. I would like my articles and client results to speak for my credibility.

Finally, I’m proud to be part of the Bayesian Bodybuilding team. We provide data-driven, evidence-based information on fitness. Moreover, we have an online education for personal trainers. Check us out here: http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/bay_research_team
Glad to have you on board,