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  • Do you value scientific findings, but do not have the time to turn these into a data-driven approach you can apply to your (fitness) life?

  • Frustrated when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is truly the best way to do things?

  • Do you easily judge yourself for not having the body (and mindset) you think you (as a motivated person) deserve?

  • Are there times you wish there was a scientifically oriented professional that holds you accountable to reach your goals?

I guide highly motivated people to their physical (and mental health) goals with a data-driven, scientifically sound approach.

  • Get peace of mind from knowing you follow a science-based approach tailored to your life and circumstances.
  • Find and strengthen the deeper motivations behind your behaviors, so that you can stick to the positive ones.
  • Learn lessons about the workings of your body and mind that will compound throughout your life.
  • Put your biases and beliefs to the test, giving you new insights that will break you through plateaus.

The guidance you will get

  • Science-based – based on actual, tested and true scientific principles
  • Data-driven – we use your progress data to tweak your program throughout the journey
  • Logical – no-nonsense, we do what gives results

It includes:

  • A training and nutrition plan
    • built on science-based principles
    • updates and tweaking based on your progress
    • individualized to your genetic nutritional and training characteristics
    • individualized to your lifestyle
    • individualized to your specific goals
  • Multiple days per week questions-and-answers by e-mail or video calls
  • Regular check-ups on your progress
  • Recipe ideas that fit your macros on request (or through my app weekmeals.co)
  • Personalized supplement recommendations (if needed)
  • Exercise technique video analysis
    • (Hip thrust, squats, bench press, etc.)

Uncut testimonials from real clients with real results

Brianna (see her transformation here):

  • Finally found an evidence-based coach that created her an optimized training and nutrition set-up.
  • Got the leanest she ever got without losing her mind!
  • Loved Stijn’s truly individual-tailored approach.
  • Learnt how to deal with stress and social eating occasions to live a balanced life while pursuing her goals.

Danny (see his transformation here):

  • Had consistent muscle and strength gains over the long term while losing fat (body recompositioning).
  • Got relieved from his overeating tendencies.
  • Finally saw the scientific evidence out there put into a workable system for himself.

No results after one month of coaching? Complete money back guarantee.



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