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  • Are you blinded by all the information out there?
  • Paralyzed by all the decisions you can make when it comes to training and nutrition?
  • Maybe you’re coaching actual clients, you’ve done multiple evidence-based courses, but you’re still unsure how to put all the science out there into practice?

You may want to keep guessing and waste your time on things that aren’t really working for you (and your clients).

But isn’t your time worth much more than that?
Don’t your clients deserve the best of the best?

If you become a Patron, I will teach you how to apply the science and take control of your own (or your client’s) physique and happiness to ultimately become the best version of yourself.

There’s only one thing you have to do: skip one latte per month.

What you will get for skipping 1 latte per month:

  • At least one science-based lessons per week on nutrition, training, and lifestyle and how to directly apply them to reap the benefits.
  • Regular postings where I extensively discuss proper technique for optimized (and unknown) exercises.

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You can upgrade to (especially recommended to Personal Trainers and coaches):

  • One weekly (live) webinar where I answer all your questions on nutrition and training (and coaching) and handle case studies.
  • Systems and contents to put science into practice like macro-optimized recipes, sample programs, guides, etc.

There’s already a database of over 100 valuable posts.

What others had to say:

Menno Henselmans

“Stijn van Willigen provides excellent work for Bayesian Bodybuilding. He’s evidence-based and is great at conveying scientific information to the public in a reader-friendly fashion with his infographics and savvy writing. His work has significantly improved the quality of our articles and online PT Course.”