In the iron game, just as in the game of life, genetics play a big role.⁣

For some, slabs of muscle come naturally. Doing dumbbell curls grows their legs. ⁣Their muscles have muscles.

A good indicator for your potential for strength sports – such as pumping iron – is your index-to-ring finger ratio, which is related to your testosterone exposure in the womb [Vorack 2010]

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, then you may have noticed strength and muscle mass come relatively easy to you. ⁣

That’s because your physiology is more tailored towards strength rather than endurance [Hull 2015].⁣

Generally, these people can recovery from more training stress per week and fare better on lower repetition work.

For example, the highly advanced and genetically gifted may survive and grow on over 30 sets per week for a given muscle.


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