Feeling more energized, minutes after you eat a high-carb meal?

However, your body barely absorbed any of the meal’s glucose. Still, the above phenomena is true for many people.

The power of belief (and mindset) in action.

This study beautifully illustrates how strongly your mindset can influence your body [Ariel & Saville 1972].

In the pre-placebo period the researchers told 15 varsity athletes that the ones who made the biggest gains could get access to legal, free steroids. Quite the motivation!

Still, they barely got stronger in this 7 week period.

However, once they told 6 of the athletes they won, and could start taking 10 mg Dianabol (steroids), their strength skyrocketed in 4 weeks.

But… There was no actual Dianabol in the pills.

Belief. They felt like Spartans, and they got Spartan results. Just with the power of their mind.

Want your clients to get better gains, or stick to their diets? Empower them.

Instill in them the belief that they are champions, and subconsciously this mindset will increase their capacity to do great things!

How about doing this to yourself, in any life situation?

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– Stijn