Using meditation as a tool to grow muscle?⁣

It sounds far-fetched, but a hypothesis worth investigating.⁣
My previous post showed that a solid meditation practice schedule can decrease your need for sleep. ⁣

Additionally, there’s an immense amount of research showing meditation lowers overall stress levels [Rosenkranz 2016, Nidich 2009, Klatt 2008, Tang 2007, Gotink 2016, Hölzel 2010, 2011]. ⁣

A cocktail for recovery success. And this means you can probably train more, and recover from it as well (see image).⁣

Research shows a clear link between training volume you can recover from and muscle hypertrophy [Schoenfeld 2016, 2019]. Therefore we can hypothesize that meditation increases not only well-being, but also your potential for muscle growth.⁣

I have personally seen so many benefits from daily meditation practice. If you’re curious and up for the challenge, I recommend giving it a try with the Headspace app.⁣

I foresee pre-meditation supps coming on the market soon. They have to benefit somehow, right?⁣

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