Do you know at what body fat level you’re most likely to build muscle?

Estrogen is probably the most anabolic hormone in women and therefore great for muscle growth [Enns 2010].
Research by Ziomkiewicz (2008) showed that higher body fat levels go hand in hand with higher estrogen levels.

But only up to around 30-32% body fat. After that they plummet.

However: this relationship was only true for those who ‘bulked hard’. Meaning they went a little dirrrtay on their calories.
The more restricted eaters showed optimal estrogen levels at around 20-25%.

For perspective: this is about at lean as 10-15% body fat in men.

Therefore women striving to build muscle should preferably not go too high or too low in body fat.

Women often compare themselves to utopian and drug-enhanced levels of leanness, as seen on Instagram, that are unhealthy and detrimental for muscle for a natural trainee.
Trying to be like them is like trying to get taller: it ain’t gonna happen without good genetics or good drugs.

For more in-depth advice based on the study, see the Patreon article.

What is the lowest body fat level you reached? How did you feel, in terms of well-being?

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